• XanetSibila

    Cumas 2014

    Composition: 100% Mantonegro.

    It is intense and smells of strawberries, raspberries, cloves and earth.It feels light in the mouth, but a discreet tannin then appears to give it emphasis. It is soft and persistent. Cumas represents the highest expression of the Manto Negro that is cultivated in our vineyard. It is a wine for connoisseurs who are tired of wines that all taste the same.

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  • CumasCadmo

    Sibila 2014

    Composition: 100% Gorgollassa.

    It is a bouquet of flowers where the rose coexists with the fern, the peony with the rockrose. It is fresh, reminiscent of redcurrant and pomegranate. It is light but sapid, balanced and ethereal. Sibila is a fine, light, and marginal wine that will surprise you and break with monotony.

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  • SibilaXanet

    Cadmo 2014

    Composition: 50% Syrah, 17.5% Gorgollassa, 17.5% Mantonegro and 15% Callet.

    It is timid, so it needs to be opened up (don’t hesitate to decant it) in order to reveal its character, which is both Mediterranean (with notes of plum, smoked paprika and fresh pepper) and fresh (cassis, blood orange). It is velvety on the tongue – fine, balanced and persistent. With Cadmo we move to the second tier of the range, a serious and elegant wine with a future.

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  • CadmoCumas

    Xanet 2014

    Composition: 46.3% Merlot, 32.5% Syrah, 7.7% Callet, 6.9% Gorgollassa and 6.6% Mantonegro.

    It evokes cherries in syrup, with a hint of thyme and herbs, and a touch of smoke and vanilla. The palate is smooth, balanced and flavoursome. Xanet is the first step to discovering the sensory universe of this young project from Pollença (Majorca).

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