• XanetCumas

    Sibila 2011

    Composition: Gorgollasa

    It is a single variety of Gorgollassa, which is a grape on which we focused, renamed a Majorcan grape, and which proved hugely popular. It is a pale-coloured, well-rounded, smooth and delicate wine.

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  • SibilaCadmo

    Cumas 2011

    Composition: Mantonegro

    A single variety of Mantonegro, this is a very interesting wine with a smooth finish and a velvety tannin. This wine is dominated by elegance, not strength.

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  • CumasXanet

    Cadmo 2011

    Composition: Syrah, Mantonegro, Gorgollasa and Callet

    It has characteristics of Mediterranean Syrah but possesses a good hint of native varietals. It is a wine with balanced acidity.

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  • CadmoSibila

    Xanet 2011

    Composition: Merlot, Syrah, Mantonegro, Gorgollasa and Callet

    Considered the primary wine of the range. It is a well-rounded and tempting Mediterranean wine that is both vibrant and light.

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