The Vineyard

Can Xanet is a 2-hectare vineyard in Northern Majorca situated between the towns of Pollensa and Alcúdia in the foothills of the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains. The grounds slope gently on an incline of 2.7% over rich limestone soil and picturesque views of Pollensa Bay.

The water collected on the mountains feeds the aquifers that flow under the vines, thereby maintaining superb leaf surface quality and preventing any severe hydric stress until well into summer.


The vineyard’s proximity to the sea ensures the benefits of a special microclimate, as the thermal wind that appears in summer cools the vines, avoiding excessively early ripening.

The Crop

Our vines are grown using reasonable practices to produce the most quality grapes. This includes adequate plant cover between rows, short pruning, green pruning for optimal production, phytosanitary treatments only when absolutely necessary. We also implement less aggressive treatments for ancillary fauna, thin out bunches after ripe colors.

We grow four varieties of grape: Merlot, Syrah, Mantonegro and Gorgollassa. In addition, about 1,000 kilos of Callet acquired from an ecological vineyard

The grapes are harvested into 15 kg boxes and placed in a refrigerator for a day to lower the temperature of the grape to 8°C. Once cooled they are moved to the winery.

The Winery

Once they reach the winery in the nearby town of Pollensa, the grapes are destemmed on top of wooden tubs (4 trochoidal, 2 of 40 HI and 2 of 25 HI), in order to avoid crushing the grape.

After a process of malolactic fermentation, 80% of the product is taken to new, one, two and three-year-old 225L French oak barrels, and the rest (20%) is put in new, one, two and three-year-old 500L barrels, where it rests for 12 months at a controlled temperature and humidity.

After the coupage, it is moved to stores, where it spends around three months, after which it is bottled to rest at least 12 months before being released on the market.


Production includes between 10,000 and 15,000 bottles of wine each year as well as two single varieties of Gorgollassa and Manto Negro, one Syrah tinged with Mantonegro, Gorgollasa and Callet and another Merlot base blended with the rest of the varieties.

Raúl Pérez started the project in 2011 but by 2013 he realized he couldn’t keep up the with demands of his many projects, and so he turned the project over to his good friend Dominique Roujou de Bouvee. An experienced winemaker in his own right, Dominique had projects in Priorato and Valencia and was tasked with maintaining the line of wines Raúl had started, placing the highest priority on delicacy and elegance.